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Starting the new year off with the flu helped me remember how truly blessed I am every time I wake up and feel good! Extra love and kindness must be given to people who suffer from chronic illness, or physical pain.

Fortunately, creativity is a powerful outlet and distraction, and using our creative selves to do good, is incredibly rewarding. I believe it is what our creative side is meant for, to express and relate, connect and appreciate.

As for creative goals for this year, I am going to strive to complete several recordings I have been working on, but keep on changing. However, before I can do that, I have to fix my interface, at the moment, I can't record because my headphone jack isn't working....ugh. It is probably just time for a new interface, but, we will see.

Happy 2019 to you all, I hope it is a year full of appreciation for the new and vibrant as well as the old and cherished.

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