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I suppose it is time to start up the blog again! I'm a part of a new band called 3rowback, and we have been working together to bring some live acoustic jams to life. I enjoy musical partnerships that happen organically. Last year on New Year's Ever, Teri had an international dinner with some neighbors and that is where she and Dave and I first had the idea to do something musical together. Similar to a candlelit face, the idea was not fully formed, it was just a seed of sorts. We booked a show together, each of us was going to perform a set, and by the time it rolled around a few months later, we were playing/singing on all of each other's songs and had decided to form a band. Deciding on a name was...difficult...but, after running though a thousand or so, Teri's husband and band's right arm, Rick, suggested Throwback. We have that vibe, so, we were into it. Since that was taken as a social media handle, 3rowback was formed, and we all love it. Teri made a fierce logo, now appearing on stickers, t-shirts, water bottles, and whatever else I find to stick or iron a decal on!!! Dave is our lead guitar/producer, we rehearse at his home, thank you to his wife and kids! That is a bit about the band. If you have the desire to do something musical, just start it, see what happens and be open to people who might be coming into your life at just the right time.

Sending love!


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