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Earth Day and Easter

This weekend many of us will celebrate the gift of renewal, rebirth, freedom, life, and this planet we call home! Amidst all of the chaos and busy-ness of life as we know it, this designated time for us to STOP and look at the beauty of nature, enjoy the cherry blossoms (and all of the other blooms), rejoice that winter blahs are coming to an end, launch into projects with the newfound energy, and if you are a Christian, celebrate the reason for your faith, is a gargantuan gift.

It feels like a new year...I know, it is spring, and our New Year's Eve/Day celebrations are long gone; however, in my book, this is the start of the new year. It is the time when I think about what I want to accomplish over the summer, what I want to change in my character, where I want to place my mental energy, and who I want to grow into. This generally leads to me to becoming totally overwhelmed and frozen in the midst of the insurmountable things I need to change; however, I quickly get past that and decide to focus on one thing and take one step at a time towards changing whatever that "thing" is.

This year, I'm getting back to allowing music to be something that brings people together in my life. I'm not great at thinking with a communal mindset; naturally, I enjoy working on my own and creating on my own; but, I love what happens when music is used as a branch to grow a group! We learn so much more together than we do on our own, and this is going to be my focus for a bit. I will keep you posted ;)

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