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Gigs With Friends!!!!!

So much has happened since my last blog! September is like that, somewhat of a blur, then bam, it is Halloween! In a couple weeks I will be performing at the Tower Theater with a group of absolutely breathtaking musicians and vocalists. I'm a small part of the show, but grateful to have been able to work with so many capable, skilled people. The theme of my musical life has become "gigs with friends", and this definitely qualifies!!!

I am even more excited about my December 28th show, because it is my own and I have had the privilege of inviting some of my own friends to perform with me. It will be at the Kelly Music center in Havertown. I'm trying to pull my son in to sing a tune, but, we will see;) There are some very talented young people on that bill, Joe Downs, a singer songwriter from Newtown Square, and Rachel Durham from Havertown. It is exciting watching new artists find their sound and develop their style. These two are definitely ones to watch, not only talented, but genuine and full of solid character.

Thankfully, I have been totally blessed with AWESOME vocal students this fall as well. I enjoy working with them and watching them grow. If they can stop getting the flu, that would be even more awesome!!!

In early October, I took a day trip to see my brother on his birthday. I got a cheap flight on Frontier and figured, "why not!". I took the picture below from the plane on the 5:40am flight, wiped the grogginess away! I also got to the Hertz desk and the attendant asked me if I wanted a convertible Camaro! This is very funny if you know me, I don't even put the top down on convertibles and I am not fancy when it comes to cars. My own car is bright orange and I love it because it calls to me from whatever parking lot it sits in! Anyway,

she was very excited to give it to me, so, I took it! It was nice and fast, I loved it.

This time of year, I always question whether I can keep all of the plates spinning, balancing family, work and artistry is no easy task, and I generally feel like something is lacking. The days generally have the same number of hours and I only have so much energy...never enough!!! I can't even tell you the number of times I have thought of leaving all my plates to crash to the floor and head back to school for far, I haven't.

Walks with my husky definitely help.

Theme for 2019-2020 Gigs with friends are better!!!!! Check one out if you have the chance!!;)

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