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I'm terrible at blogging!!

However, I do like you, and that is enough to bring me back here to type a few words. Fall has been crazy, as it always is, kids going back to school, sports, teaching music starts back up for me, and to top it off, the sun doesn't shine as long every day. I am having trouble recording my latest song, my normal recording gear isn't working right, and since I am not a technical wizard, it takes me extra time to fix things. Never fear, when the time is right, it will get finished. In the meantime, my husband actually helped me edit the song and while normally I would roll my eyes at some of his suggestions, this time, we were in sync, and his changes were superb, thanks, Norman;)

I am looking forward to performing on December 1st, it is going to be a fun, festive time! My pal Doug Hill will probably join me, and I am hoping to have a few other special guests, but, even if everyone else bails, I will be there, sporting some very funky bell bottoms for the occasion #holidayspirit!

I'm not sure when I will be back, but, please enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday season. Do something kind, and post it all over twitter, goodness can spread just as easily as stupidity. #holidayspirit!

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