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Last weekend, I attended a music conference with a friend of mine. While I am not a fan of sitting much, I did listen to quite a few panels and as usual, always pick out a few pearls of advice. One of the panelists was a down to earth publicist named Ariel, we got to chat quite a bit after and my conversation with her was probably the most valuable of the conference. I also met the gentleman who started Summerfest, the largest music festival in the world, and, just a stone's throw from my hometown. I used to go there in the summertime, right along Lake Michigan, dirty and dusty and fabulous. He was mobbed with potential stars, so, I didn't get to chat with him long, but, it was fun to connect with that familiar midwestern spirit. I felt like I knew him when I chatted with him, he probably thought I was a kook, but, I am beyond caring about of the benefits of being a more "mature" artist;).

I'm looking forward to participating in a few special performances this summer, and, when I have things produced to a level that is presentable, you will hear some new tunes! I have quite a few finished, but, my talent is not sound engineering, and I need help finishing them up. Promises, promises. Well, if you come and hear me live, you will hear some new tunes!

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