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New Ears!

Right around the beginning of 2013, a gentleman reached out to me on my booking site asking if I could create songs out of recordings of riffs he had. Devin is a talented guitar player, but had not spent time songwriting or recording. He had a love for experimental music, big, gutsy guitar solos and not a lot of concern for ABAB or other ordinary song forms. I said I would give it a try.

After splicing and pasting segments of his fascinating strums, into my humble Garageband software, melodies and lyrics started to flow. We went back and forth, discussing likes and dislikes, but, mostly, he was all in. Eventually, we met and recorded some of the tunes at a studio in Florida, then again at my old neighbor's house, and then, sealed up the project. Devin is a businessman by day, so, he had a project idea, completed it and now enjoys it. I would be going back and fixing and redoing and trashing and rerecording and, and, Anyway, after not having heard the songs for about 6 years, I went back and listened and had such a great time listening that I added them to my site. If you like musical adventures, have a listen, they are all on the experimental tab.

Sending love and hopes you will create something without judging it as you are doing it! Have fun!

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