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So Much!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today I was washing endless piles of dishes and thinking about how awful it would be if I didn't have clean, hot water to wash them with. In so many places, people live without the things I often take for granted. Leave it to the dishes to set me more complaining!

I did have a beautiful day with my husband and our two boys. It was just us, no other family due to COVID. We don't have family time often enough, so, it takes all of us a few minutes to settle into an activity we enjoy together, but, once we get there, it is awesome. We played some games with my brother and my nephews, it was great until my younger son found a tick on his leg. We jumped to his aid and read a bunch of articles about ticks and tick fun. We found it right away, so, he should be fine. What is a redeeming quality in a tick? Population control, I suppose!

Well, I'm looking forward to the rest of the holiday season, we have only just begun!

I'm thinking a holiday sing-a-long would be very nice. Perhaps I will set one up on Facebook live. We will see.

Any which way, sending love, thanks and hopes for a fresh new year.

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