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Spring in February

Today is 64 degrees and absolutely gorgeous. Last week I think it was 2 degrees here and the midwest, where I am from, it was subzero with endless snowfall. This is clearly not the weather pattern we are used to, and although a part of me figures I should be extra concerned about global warming today, instead, I feel completely renewed and energized by the sunshine outside my window, I walked my husky a few extra loops, and am working on my social media presence...which always takes all the energy I can muster. It is not my strong suit. I love sitting in my office practicing and writing, but getting down to promoting, tends to sink to the bottom of my list. Although, I must say, I am beginning to really enjoy this blog. Partly because I know no one is seeing it quite yet, and partly because I have always loved to write. Soon, I will actually let people know that I have a website, and hopefully, people will visit and catch up on all of my brilliant thoughts LOL. I am not brilliant, but, there is no one else like me...just as there is no one like you, and we need to enjoy our uniqueness, as well as our likeness. It seems like we spend endless hours trying to figure out what sets us apart, makes us special, perhaps more special that the person next to us, when , the truth is, we are extraordinary because we are unique pieces of art, the most beautiful and perfect pieces ever created. I recently saw a show where some explorers were traveling to Tibet to visit some ancient caves. They had quite a few near death experiences (in my opinion) just trying to get to the caves. Eventually, they got there, and yes, the ancient, never before seen artifacts were cool to see, but not nearly as beautiful as most of the people I pass on a daily basis!

Human beings are pretty amazing. Cheers to you!!

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