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The Very Merry Month of May

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

May is a very special month, mainly because it is my birth month, and, I love birthdays, even as I get older, there is just something special about waiting until midnight to say "It's my birthday" and then wake up and say, "It's my birthday" and then, all day long, remind myself, no matter what mundane task I may be involved in, that "it's my birthday"!! I am always a little sad when it is over, but, hopefully next year, I will get to have another one.

Creativity comes with the spring, my son customized some very special shoes for me for my birthday. I had several people ask me if he would create some for them, so, my husband made a page on my website for him. It is a questionnaire of sorts, so, if you wonder what Anik's page is, that is what it is. Should you need a customized item, feel free to check in there.

I have a few gigs coming up that I am excited about, you can see them on my gigs page, if you find one near you, please come on out! New tunes have been flowing, but, my recording software isn't working right, and I haven't taken the time out to fix it is always something when it comes to technical things.

Tomorrow I have to take my old cat to the vet, I am a little afraid they will tell me they have to put her down. Hopefully they won't, but, she is 18 and not looking well. I will keep you posted.

A friend of mine always closes her emails with "create a great day", that is my with for you!!!

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