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Thrive Fest!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have gotten to perform at the Thrive Fest. The air was full of clean energy and fresh perspective, creativity and pure fun. My friend, Teri Lynn Brown joined me, and we had a simply fabulous time.

I also finished up printing my first round of Kitemaster T-shirts. Kitemaster is the name of a tune I wrote a long time ago. Aside from being one of the songs I never get tired of singing, it represents more than a nice tune, it represents what many of us hope for, long for even. We look around and see how things could be, and we find ourselves frustrated with how things are. In the song, the person wants to rise above it all, and wonders if other people do as well. There is a longing to create change, and to live in a better and fuller world. It is basically for all of the dreamers and doers out there;)

A moment from Thrive Fest (a little blurry...)

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