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Winding down

Actually, I am revving up before winding down. Once September hits, I teach quite a bit, so, I don't have as much time for my own creative projects. There are two songs I'd like to record before all is said and done, I have been performing them both at my gigs throughout the summer, and want to find the right producer to help me put them together in the best way. I worked on one of them today, but, what I hear in my head, I can't create in GarageBand, not with my limited production skills. I'll probably delete it all and start again, I do that quite regularly. I also post videos and almost always delete them. Generally because the quality of the videos is usually dependent on whatever phone is recording and the sound system at the venue I happen to be performing at. What a lot of people don't realize is that you can put your favorite singer/performer in the corner of a restaurant with a simple sound system and chances are, they may not even make your head turn (aside from the fact that you would recognize him or her). On the flip side, a great producer can make magic happen! I am in no way minimizing the talent aspect, one needs to have some talent or skill, or at least something unique to offer, but, collaborating with the right person can magnify that talent or skill in a beautiful way. One must know where his or her talents are :)

I have enjoyed getting to meet some very talented artists from the Lehigh Valley area this summer. The voices of the valley are made up of ambitious, hard working, passionate, talented people with a serious passion for music and the arts. I love it!!!!

Till next time!

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