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Jeni started taking private voice lessons at the age of twelve with mezzo soprano, Helene Jenner (Pickett). During her six years of study with Helene, she grounded herself with a strong foundation in classical singing technique; giving her the ability to take command of her instrument.   At the age of nineteen, she moved to New York City  to study musical theater. This intensive study period led her to perform off-broadway and in Cabaret shows around NYC. During this time, she realized she wanted more control over her content.


Through some odd twists and turns, she found her path as a singer/songwriter. This shift in musical style also required her to shift her vocal style and technique. In order to help her transition, she was given the opportunity to study with renowned vocal coaches Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga) and Katie Agresta (Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper). She also studied with lesser known, but equally skillful teachers, Craig Derry and Hagit Goldberg.  

"I have learned something unique from every teacher I have studied with. Each one has helped me become a better singer, either by showing me what not to do, or what to do. Sometimes one would explain something familiar in a new, unique way, and turn the lights on for me!" 

Jeni enjoys teaching all ages! Currently, she is focused on building her virtual vocal studio, Kitemaster Studios. Please contact her if you are interested in vocal lessons. 


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