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A Ray of Light

Spring is an inspiring time, especially for those of us living in areas with cold winters. Personally, I trade my wool socks for cotton and dare to go out without multiple layers of turtle necks. The extra sunlight pours energy and inspiration into my pale body and plans start to blossom. Suddenly people all around me are making plans and seeming happier, they are outside with their kids, walking dogs, slowing down to say hello and remembering the good things in life.

Naturally, that doesn't mean tough things disappear or don't come, however, ray of light, becomes visual and easier to see in the spring. Maybe you are going through a rough season and spring isn't going to fix it, perhaps it will provide just a bit of hope and beauty to carry you through. Today I was walking my dogs, as I do no matter what the weather because they are huskies, I noticed this little flower growing up between the boards of the walkway. It was as if it shouted "STOP" so, I stopped and took a photo.

At first, I thought that someone had just set it in there, but, after taking a closer look, I saw the plant growing under the walkway, it had discovered a bit of light and grew, right up out of the darkness. It was simple, beautiful and bright, and it found its way to the sun.

It is true, I am a nature girl, the kind who prefers to stay in a lodge or hotel in or near the nature, but, I am no less inspired by its beauty and life lessons.

I hope you have a wonderful spring, full of new hopes and visions!

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