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For the last several years, I have performed in a yearly concert assembled by Hank Entwistle in combination with the St. Thomas gospel choir. The 2023 concert was held at the historic Hippodrome theater in Baltimore at the end of February.

The instrumentalists are top notch, including a brass section, organ, keyboard, percussion, harmonica, pedal steel, drums, guitars an eclectic mix of voices singing a mix from gospel to jazz including blues, rock and roll. It is a fun, fantastic event.

Definitely one of the highlights, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. However, the choir adds and additional chorus that sings "I have finally found what I'm looking for".

I got to sing one of my favorites this year, Me and Bobby McGee. However, the band plays the song exactly like Janis Joplin's recording, so, I had to relearn parts of the song that I had improvised when I sang it on my own. It was a blast, thank you Kris Kristofferson for writing such a fabulous tune!

The weekend after the Hippodrome show, I got to perform with my trio, 3rowback at a local coffee house. We had a stellar turnout, many friends who had not seen us since our first gig a year ago. One of my favorite activities in life is making music and being able to do that with friends is an incredible gift!

Now I am hibernating a bit so I can finish a few songs I am writing on the piano. Looking forward to a spring and summer full of music and friends!

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