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Where have I been?

That is a good question, clearly, not updating my site! Time simply goes to fast, and the blessing of being busy with things I love to do (as well as those I don't) creates a "time vacuum" that sucks me in and drops me several months into the future. Currently, I am rehearsing for the Hank Entwistle Band concert that is being held this coming Saturday at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore. I wrote a blog about it last year, and I am sure I will post again about it after it is over. There is something about being surrounded by people doing "their thing" I find incredibly inspiring, not to mention, the audience is full of people who are first responders as well as sponsors and fans, all contributing to the success of the event.

3rowback has been busy recording some video for a Tiny Desk Contest submission. We had a very hard time deciding on a song to submit, especially for the intimate Tiny Desk vibe. However, we managed and submitted one, it is always a good feeling to finish a project like that and put a big check mark in its mental box. My bandmate, Teri Brown and her husband, are a fantastic team when it comes to creating video, they are down to business and let's get it done people, which, I greatly appreciate. I am more the wander through the stars, try every version before settling on one type, and I need people who say, "DONE"! I'm learning and getting better at it, but, it doesn't come naturally. Dave is always on point with his guitar playing, making everything sound just right, so, that makes every production run more smoothly, I am very thankful he is on our team!

Other than that, I have been writing and gathering ideas, trying to spend more time connecting with people, teaching, and practicing and making sure I remember to be grateful for each day. Sending love!

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